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Sunday, July 22nd 2012

9:59 AM

Preteen gallery heels


Related article: Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 17:26:04 +0100
From: Tony
Subject: Danny part 15If you are under 18 years old please leave
This story contains male/male sex, if you are likely to be offended leave now
All comments, good or bad, to ayedeetiscali.co.uk
The story contains sex, but most of all it contains love between consenting
males. Thank you.
Sorry for the delay since the last part, the grey matter has been on strike. Danny part 15 At the end of part 14 Adrian, following Tessa's suggestion, had
invited Danny to move in completely and Adam and Ted nymphets preteen preteen had professed their
love for each other To avoid having my ears bent I arrived outside Tessa' house before
time. It only took two trips in the car to transfer my lovers effects to
our home, Danny left his stereo behind for his parents, as he pointed out
we already had a far better one in the apartment. "Just think Mum, you
won't have to change my bed any models preteens desnudas longer" said Danny. Tessa, John and I
roared with laughter, "Who do you think changes the beds in our place" I
said. Danny was a bit flustered and blurted out, "Well there is only one
bed to change instead of two". "Also there won't be any stains, I can't
imagine what happens to the white stuff when you two are together" said
John with a very straight face. Danny turned the colour of a beetroot and
exclaimed "DAD" but eventually laughed with the rest of us. That night as
we went to bed Danny said, "This is rather like our first night in our
marital home shall we consummate the marriage"
"I suppose photos preteens sex
we could do, there's nothing worth watching on TV and
I'm not ready to sleep" I replied, "You will have to show me what to do,
I'm still a virgin, and make sure you don't get anything on the sheets, the
housekeeper doesn't like it"
"You horrible sod, I'll fuck you" said Danny
"Is that a threat or a promise" I said with a giggle
Danny had been with me for over a year and we had enjoyed some
memorable moments during that time but that hairless preteens night was one of the best. The
peak for both of us was entering our love partner but both of us had
discovered we loved rimming, I loved forcing my tongue into his love tunnel
just as much as feeling his tongue in me, sometimes Dannys tongue felt as
long as his cock. It was over an hour before his gorgeous love pole entered
me and during that time our hands and mouths had explored every part of
each others bodies from the top of our heads to nymph preteen free
the tip of our toes.
My young lover had become an expert in making love, the only other
guy to give me that much pleasure was Adam, both of them were so gentle,
making sure that we both enjoyed the act of joining as one. I suppose Danny
had learnt from Adam and me, it seemed as if our bodies became one as we
gave each other our seeds of love. Having spent an hour preparing each
other it only took a few minutes before Danny was blasting the walls of my
shute with his hot creamy milk.
"Thank you you lovely guy" I said, "We both needed that, I think I
am full of babies"
"I hope not, I want all the love you have, I'm very
jealous" replied Danny with a smile.
In no time at all we were celebrating the 18th anniversary of the
hatching of Danny and just the six of us sat down to a wonderful meal
prepared by his Mum, his Dad helped by staying out of the way. Tessa and
John amazed the rest of us by sitting down with four gay guys as if it was
the most common event in the world.. Afterwards he opened his presents,
Tessa and John gave him clothes as usual after getting advice from Adam and
Ted, who gave him CD's I just gave him a birthday card and as we continued
talking and drinking Danny's face got longer and longer so I said "Hey, you
are supposed to be happy on your birthday, you look as if the sky has
fallen in" Danny didn't answer so his Mum asked what was wrong. "I hoped my
boyfriend would give me something on my 18th. birthday" he mumbled. "Well
you have me, what more do you want" I asked, "If you wanted something more
perhaps you better have this" and handed him an envelope. In an instant his
face changed and it looked as if the sun had just risen, he feverishly tore
open the envelope and drew out the contents. "Look, it's a voucher for
twelve driving lessons" he screamed, then kissed me, "You are going to pay
later for teasing me like that"
"Am I, who is going to help you" I laughed, "I don't need help,
just remember I know your weaknesses" he quickly replied.
"Danny, there is still seductive preteen models something in that envelope" said
Danny took the envelope and took out the piece of paper, it said,
'one car voucher only redeemable when driving test is passed'..."Do you
really mean this" asked Danny
"Of course, I already have the car" and took a Dinky Toy
car from the desk drawer
"You sod, you really are going to pay later" said Danny before
kissing me again.
John stood up and said, "Come on Mother, I think we better
leave before we see something we shouldn't, I hate to see preteens young naked blood"
We all stood up to say goodbye then returned to the lounge, Danny
had been sitting on the floor between my knees but now we took one couch
while Adam and Ted took the other, after about thirty minutes all four of
us were half naked so I said to Danny, "Come on, now I will give you the
present you really want" "OOooohhh" said Adam and Ted together and as we
went towards the door Ted looked at Adam and said, "Can we pretend it's my
birthday" and his eyebrows met his hairline and the corners of his mouth
met his ears, "Come on you horny dawg" replied Adam and they went to the
spare room.
As we crawled onto the bed Danny said, "I'm sorry I behaved like a
spoilt brat, I should have known you had something up your sleeve, and you
are right, you are my best present"
"I haven't got anything up my sleeve but I do have something that
was up my trouser leg" I whispered. It was another of african preteen vid those superb nights,
it was nearly an hour before Danny got his present, it was over 20cms long
and 4.5 across.
Danny and Ted had college the preteen whipping pics
next morning so I went to call preteens young naked Ted, I
quickly returned and got Danny and pulled him to the open door of the spare
room signing him to keep quiet. The foot of the bed came towards the door,
Adam was lying on his back and Ted was riding him, Adam didn't have the
length of Danny and me but he certainly made up in thickness, it looked
like a tree trunk sliding in and out of Ted, he was making small noises,
not of pain but absolute pleasure. We could hear Adam's breathing preteen whipping pics becoming
strained and Ted almost yelled, "That's right baby give it to me, fill my
belly with that lovely milk, go on push harder fill my tight little
bum. Then in unison preteens homemade they went "Uuuggghh" as Adam thrust upwards and pulled
down on Teds hips.
"Thanks Adam, that was fantastic, feeling your love juice splatter
the walls of my tunnel is the nicest thing I know" said Ted.
After the birthday celebration, which was terrific, both the meal
and afterwards, no matter what we ate, we always finished the day with
cream, we preferred the lightly preteen male fucking salty variety and the injector was most
important. I was busy one afternoon on some designs, my little business was
still going strong, when Adam walked in, all four of us had keys. "Hey
there lover boy, you are a good excuse for me taking a break" I said.
We chatted ranchi preteens nude and drank tea for half an hour or so and then I said,
"Whats on your mind Buddy, do you want to share it with me"
"Maybe I'm worrying to much but I feel Ted and I are drifting
apart, I only see him on Friday and Saturday when he is working at the
restaurant, we still make love but there isn't any spark there and erotic preteens he
always leaves on Saturday morning and then returns when we start work
again" Adam told me.
"Well maybe college is getting very busy" I said, "And that is
taking up a lot of time"
"Maybe, but that shouldn't make any difference to our sex"
Adam replied. Just then Danny came home and naturally kissed us both, that
took a few minutes, then I explained what we were talking about, Danny went
unusually quiet and said he was taking a shower. I asked Adam to excuse me
and followed him.
"Do you know something" I asked. Danny didn't reply so I said we
would talk later. Adam left soon after and I promised him I would do my
best to help him sort things out.
Almost as soon as the door closed Danny came out of the shower,
naked as usual, "Would you please put some clothes on" I asked, "Why"
replied Danny, clearly puzzled.
"Because I would like to talk and your body is a distraction when I
want to be serious" I said
When he returned wearing a tee shirt and shorts, he sat
down next to me looking very uncomfortable.
"Danny, you are the light of my life, I'm not annoyed or upset but
Adam is very unhappy and we both love him and I'm sure you, like me, would
want to change that, I think you know something and african preteen vid I preteen toplist hardcore
would like you to
tell me" I told him.
Danny hesitated and turned his head away, so I sat and waited.
It was several minutes before he turned back to me and took
my hand and said, "This is very difficult as I love both Adam and Ted"
"I understand that Danny, but I love Adam more than I do Ted and it
hurts me to see Adam in pain, you must make up your own mind and do what
you think is right" I then got up and went to the kitchen to start dinner.
It was almost ten minutes before Danny joined models preteens desnudas me and he looked as
if he had been crying. I took him into my arms and gave him a little kiss,
"It's OK lover, I will accept your decision but I cant let it rest, I will
do anything for Adam so I will confront Ted" I told him.
"It's OK Adrian, I will tell you. Ted is playing about with a girl
at college, I think they have been going out together when he isn't
working, I haven't got a clue whether they are doing anything"
"How long has this been going on" I asked.
"Three or four weeks as far as I know, I first noticed them
talking between lectures and then they were together all the time. I wanted
to tell you but I felt I was being disloyal to him"
"I see your point, but I am more concerned about Adam, I love him
almost as much as I love you, in fact if you left photos preteens sex
me I might easily join up
with him" I replied.
"Oh, so you want to get rid of me" Danny said pushing me away, "I
suppose you will move him into our bed before the sheets get cold" and he
walked towards the bedroom.
When he didn't return I followed him, he was putting clothes into a
bag, "What the hell are you doing" I asked
"Going back home before you throw me out" he cried.
"You are home, this is your home, this is OUR home, what
was the last thing I said in the kitchen." I spoke very clearly.
"You said nude japan preteen
you loved Adam" Danny said.
"Yes I do love Adam, I said I loved him almost as much as I
loved you, you are my lover and you are stuck with me until preteen models cam you decide
otherwise, get it"
Danny dropped the bag and looked at me with a most falorn look.
"Come here you silly bastard and give me a kiss, I need
you, we need each other, if you leave me who is going to push my wheel
chair when I get old" I cried into his shoulder.
Our kiss lasted for ages and when we paused for breath Danny smiled
and said "You are already old"
"You bastard, I'll get you for that later" I laughed
"Who are you calling preteens homemade a bastard, I'll have know I have seen
my parents marriage lines and they are dated two years before I was born"
Danny said trying to look serious and failing, the corners of his mouth
kept turning up.
"Come on if you want to eat we better get back to the kitchen" I
A couple of minutes later Danny said, "Have we just had our
first row?"
"That wasn't a row, it was preteen hungarian
a slight misunderstanding, when I have a
row plates start flying and preteen czech model
all the neighbours will know, I know how you
feel but I must sort this out, would you ask Ted to see me tomorrow, tell
him it concerns the restaurant and won't take very long and perhaps it
would be better if you called on Mum and Dad for a while"
"I'm sorry I was so stupid, how can I make it up to you?" Danny
"Oh I guess I might think of some thing by the time we go
to bed" I grinned.
"Is it bedtime yet" whispered Danny as his eyebrows went up.
"You really are a horny old dawg" I said.
"Hey, less of the old, anyway I have thought of something, you
could try to fuck some sense into me" he retorted.
Between 3-30 and 4pm the following afternoon Ted let himself in and
kssed me on the cheek, "Danny said you wanted to see me about the
restaurant" he said
"Well not so much about the 'Minerva' as the guys who work there,
how are things going between you and Adam" I asked.
"Well, OK, why" he replied.
"Adam doesn't seem to think preteen pictures hot so, tell me Ted, are you
playing away from home?"
Ted frowned and said "What do you mean"
"Are you seeing someone else" I said looking him straight
in the eye.
He coloured up and looked away.
I waited a minute or two then said, "From your silence I
think you have answered my question, I thought you cared for Adam, how
could you do something like this"
"I do care for Adam, very much" he exclaimed, "But apart from my
love for you and Danny, Adam is the only person I have loved. I have never
been in love until I met him, I needed to know whether I was attracted to
girls, or even other guys, I have been dating a girl"
"I can understand your feelings but why didn't you talk to Adam
about it, I love Adam very much and I know he would have talked it through
and let you feel your way, I'm very disappointed in you Ted. Have you had
sex with this girl?"
"Yes, twice"
"No, she told me she was safe" he replied.
"I just don't understand you, after all we have talked
about you do something stupid like this, How do you feel about this girl?"
"I'm not really sure, I enjoy being with her but something is
missing, she doesn't satisfy my needs the way Adam does, Oh Hell, I didn't
mean that to sound like that, I don't just sleep with Adam for sex, kiddy preteen pussy he
gives so much more than that, he makes me feel special. The longer I sit
here and talk the more I realise how stupid I've been, I do love Adam and
I'm a bastard for treating him this way" Ted said still staring at the
"What european preteens models
are you going to do now" I asked.
"I must talk to Adam, it is to late now he will be
preparing for evening service, I will go preteen model webrings there when they close, and tell
him the full story and ask him to forgive me although I'm not sure he will"
"I don't think you know Adam as well as you think you do, he is one
of the most forgiving guys I have ever met and also he loves you very
much. once you have sorted things out you must realise you can't have sex
with either Adam, Danny or myself until you have been tested and shown us
the test results. Another thing, have you thought that you will be
punishing Adam as well, because you have had sex with him at the same time
as this girl, so it means he can't have sex with us" I told him
"Oh bloody hell, what have I done, I must be the biggest prick
around, I've really fucked things up, I've seriously hurt Adam and hurt you
and Danny as well" Ted sobbed.
I could see how hurt Ted was but I was going to hurt him more, "I
would like your key, and I would prefer that you didn't come here until you
have sorted things out with Adam and you have your test results to show
that you are clear. You have a lot of thinking to do, we became your
friends at your Dad's request and quickly grew to love you, we still love
you but you really must sort yourself out"
I don't think I could have hurt Ted more if I had punched him in
the guts, he was really distressed, I left him alone for fre pics preteens
a couple of
He came to me in the kitchen and handed me the key, "I preteen nude kd
really am
sorry and do want to make up with Adam and after all you have done for me I
don't deserve the friendship of you and Danny" he turned and went to the
front door. As he opened the door Danny walked in, Ted looked at preteen petite forum him and
said, "I'm sorry Danny, goodbye"
I put Danny in the picture as to what had happened and he said,
"You have taken his key back?" "Yes, not to punish him, it's to make him
think and be responsible for his actions, as soon as we see his test
results I will return the key, I want to see the four of us back together
as I'm sure you do" I said
"You bet" said Danny
I rang the Minerva and asked to speak to Adam, the waiter
told me he was in the middle of making a sauce and couldn't leave it. "Then
take the phone to him and hold it to his ear" I said.
"Can't you call back later" the waiter said,
"No I bloody well can't, I own that restaurant, either take
the phone to Adam or put your coat on"
"Hi Adrian" came Adams voice.
"Ted will be coming to see you at closing time, he has
confessed to being a fool and wants to make up. That is up to you but I
have taken his key from him until he has a test, he has been having
sex. You better get preteen pic s back to work I hope the sauce is OK, can I speak to the
waiter who answered the phone"
"Sure, he is here holding it to my ear, bye for now"
"I'm sorry I yelled at you just now" I told the
waiter. "Adam and I are business partners and if the message could have
waited I would have, but that doesn't excuse me yelling at you, I'm sorry"
"That is OK Sir, I should have realised it was important" he
"That's OK and by the way my name isn't Sir, it's Adrian"
and I hung up.
That evening was pretty quiet, Danny had some work to do on the
computer and then nudism for preteens
we lazed around until we went to bed just after
eleven. We talked for some time mainly about Adam and Ted, "Have you ever
wanted to go with a girl" I asked Danny.
"No never, I knew I was gay long before I met you, and I suppose I
was about twelve when I knew for certain that I was only likely to love
another guy, and as soon as I saw you I knew you models preteens desnudas
were that guy. We hadn't
even spoken when something clicked russsian preteen inside me. I have fun hanging out with
girls at college but have no ambition to go any further, you are all I need
my lovely Adrian, I'm sorry if I hurt you with my tantrums, I think it did
some good last night when you fucked some sense into me" Danny replied
"I'm not sure it preteens underground did any good but preteens homemade it gave us a lot of pleasure
trying" I said. "You didn't hurt me as much as you hurt yourself, we are
joined together by something stronger than the strongest chain and I hope
Adam and Ted can get to that state"
Danny fell asleep but I found it difficult as my mind was turning
over and over about Adam and Ted. Finally I dozed off but then something
woke me, a light was coming through the open door, it could only be Adam. I
slid out of bed without disturbing Danny and padded along to the open door
of the spare room, Adam was just stripping. "How are you lover boy, I have
been worried about you" I said.
Adam looked absolutely drained, "I think we have sorted things out,
we know that we still love each other but I have suggested that we only see
each other at work until he has been tested and he has promised to stop
seeing this girl, Oh Adrian I do love him very much, I will explain to Ted
later that he can talk to me about things, I can understand him wanting to
try other things but I am sure in my heart that he is gay through and
"You aren't sleeping alone in here, you are going to sleep between
me and Danny preteen whipping pics
so that we can hug you to death, we three need to be
Two naked bodies moved hand in hand back to the bedroom and slipped
into bed beside another naked body that without opening its eyes said,
"Welcome home Adam, we need you here"
The three of us slept together every night for the next three
weeks. Ted worked every Friday and Saturday as usual and he and Adam seemed
to be back to the old way, but he always went home after work.
It was the third Sunday after me taking Teds key from him that the
doorbell rang while the three of us were watching TV. Danny slipped on a
gown, we all had them but we wore whichever one came to hand, and opened
the door. Ted came in looking rather sheepish. "First I want to apologise
to all of you but especially to Adam for the hurt and distress I have
caused, I must be the biggest prick you have ever met" he said. "Adrian you
told me I could return once I had my test and had the results" he drew a
piece of paper from his pocket, "I have them here for you to see, I am
"We don't need to see them, we accept your word Ted" I said,
"Welcome back to the family"
"There is one other thing" said Ted, "I can't understand
why I'm in love with a guy who is a sandwich short of a picnic"
Danny and I frowned and Adam looked shocked.
"Well you must be mad Adam to take back a rotton sod like
me" Ted said. Adam jumped to his feet and grabbed Ted and planted a big
sloppy kiss on his lips. Danny and I slipped out into the kitchen to make
some coffee, I don't think they missed us. Ten minutes later I stuck my
head round the door and said, "I suppose I better get out another set of
"Pyjamas" they both exclaimed.
"Well it was just an idea" I said with a smile, "At least
it got your attention"
I apologise for the long break since part 14, I had the ideas but trouble
in putting them together.Thanks to those of you who mailed.....comments to ayedeetiscali.co.uk
If there are words or expressions you don't understand please ask, I
sometimes wonder if the same language is spoken on both sides of the
Atlantic Ocean.....Tony
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